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A modern & practical solution for mycelium spawning 

Loop for

Premium Food Grade Silicone 


Lab Grade HEPA Filter

.044um Syringe Filter for exceptional clean air exchange

Make the most of your grow space by having the the option to hang your MycoPouches. 

Silicone retains warmth and moisture in ways that glass or plastic can not replicate. It creates a womblike environment that mycelium thrives in. 

Hold Up to 2lbs of medium

Each pack comes with 4 units allowing the user to inoculate in half pound batches 

Mashine Washable
& Sterilizable

Mycopouch lgoo.png

Can be boiled and reused & will withstand pressure sterilization BETTER than single use plastic grow bags and mason jars.

It's just BETTER

The aliens left these if anyone wants them...

Screenshot 2023-03-22 171341_edited.png
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