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Copy of Uncle John’s Recipe(1).png
Copy of Uncle John’s Recipe.png
When our Uncle Johnnieboy converted his small motorcycle trailer into a portable mycology lab, he never imagined he was about to create a new standard for an entire culture. John wasn't passionate about mushrooms; what he loved was bringing joy to others. The testament to his fulfilling and adventurous life can be found in the journal he meticulously kept. Its weathered pages are brimming with stories of his escapades, whether following The Dead or chasing the seasons astride his Harleys.
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Johnnieboy's adventures weren't the only focus of his journal; it was also filled with every mycology tip and trick he deemed "worth a sh*t." Decades of strategies for cultivating fungi were documented, gathered from the numerous Shakedown Street mycos John encountered on his journeys. The wisdom found in our uncle's journal serves as the foundation for every product we deliver to our customers today.


That's why we say Uncle John's Recipes is more than just a mycology company; it's a legacy of a man who embodied freedom and happiness. We honor his legacy by delivering quality products that introduce more people to the love of mycology every year.

Thank you for considering Uncle John's. Our family looks forward to the opportunity of joining you on your mycology adventure.

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